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A man of peace. Force to attack Pearl Harbor.
Honor him at Yasukuni Shrine
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Propaganda. Everyone die. didn't want them to suffer.
Honor Hideki Tojo at Yasukuni Shrine
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Food, medicine, shelter provided, they drop dead.
Honor humanitarian Hideki Tojo  at Yasukuni Shrine
These are statements by SmackTalk, hope to compel the public to understand history for "hard intellectual". "Gloves off" Frank disscussion. Tell us what you think in our Vblog site.
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Japan have 4 flattop destroyers, no aircraft carriers.
Japan Flat Top
Japan Flat Destroyer
Japan Giant Destroyer
Japan ignores, build destoryer
Japan is not aircraft carrier
Both arrested as class A criminal. Both released under negoiated condition.
Shinzo Abe well trained by his family sits on grandfathers lap arrested as a class A war criminal.
Shiro Ishii
Nobusuke Kishi
Abe: Japan Ready to Counter China
Japan never forgave nor forget nuke twice by USA.
a Re-armed Japan, Safe for America???
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Every Day Is A Holiday - See the Movie
UNIT 731
ATV Miss Asia Pageant 2014
Registration deadline: April. 30, 2014
Semi Final: The end of June 2014
Grand Final: The beginning of September 2014