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HD Media IPTV PAD service will help you access all the streaming videos contents from anywhere in the world. Now you can enjoy what every country is watching. The IPTV PAD URL is all you need to put in your web browsers proxy auto configuration. This IPTV PAD URL is currently for FireFox Browser ver. 25 and up and Internet Explorer 6 and up. Or Download the FoxyProxy preprogrammed with IPTV PAD, for instant installation, no setup required.
Demo of HD Media IPTV PAD in action:
PAD extension host

With our Program Auto Configuration URL , you can now gain access to Pre-Programmed Web Content with ease. No need to setup a proxy settings profile, no need to remember proxy addresses or ports. Our PAD extensions are programmed with the web content we provide, which means you can always access the web content 24/7.
*All you need to do is just place our PAD URL link into your web browsers ->Internet Options, Proxy settings, Automatic Proxy Configuration url box.
Setup Instructions:
(select a method of using HD Media IP to connect your web browser to the HD Media Content pages.)

1) HD Media IPTV PAD program
2) HD Media IPTV PAD file
Download Aurora
Try out our HD Media IPTV PAD on the NEW Firefox Aurora Browser
Download Here:
Try out our HD Media IPTV PAD on the NEW Firefox Aurora Browser
Download Here:
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