HD Media IP App

FAQ and Troublshooting

1) Why do my FireFox web browser continiously try to connect to my homepage, but nothing responds?

A: FireFox is not able to connect to the HD Media PAD service, will cause it to unable to open the homepage. You can disable the HD Media PAD "Foxy Proxy" plugin on the toolbar in the lower right hand screen, the blue color fox, when it is running connections it will spin around. To turn off, just right click with mouse and select completely disable Foxy Proxy in red color. Now the blue color fox will turn red color with a slash  on it, which means is in off state. You can turn it back on again by right clicking the red color fox and select HD Media IPTV PAD, then select use HD Media IPTV PAD for all urls. Now it is in blue color and running again.

2) My FireFox browser in Windows 8 did not activate the Foxy Proxy Standard plugin, after I downloaded and installed the HD Media PAD.

A: To activate the Foxy Proxy Standard plugin, 2 ways to do it.
     (a) Click on the yellow activate extension button below and then click allow, this will allow the plugin to install and run.
     (b) Or goto FireFox browser's menu and click on Tools ---> Add-Ons.
     In the search all addon box, type in Foxy Proxy Standard and press Enter key. Now you should see it in the add-ons list, click the install button of Foxy Proxy Standard. Now it will download and install, and activate with the HD Media PAD's connection.

*You can turn the HD Media IPTV PAD plugin on or off. If you are not accessing any of the media sites, you can temporary turn off the plugin. Then when you want to watch the media site, turn it on again, before you access the media sites.
*Leaving the plugin running would be more convient, since it does not interfe with your normal web surfing thru firefox.
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